Book Synopsis

In the winter of 1999, outside Las Vegas, twenty-seven stories below the Nevada desert, the U.S. government was robbed. The codes were cracked and the vault was emptied. The incident not only triggered the most significant series of international events in modern history, but it also resumed the countdown of sequential actions designed to alter the course of men, leaders, and governments, as well as the structure of world order and dominion, that man has known for the past 4,000 years. It is all a matter of time.

Not since Alexander the Great conquered the world and collected the lost technology, has there been such a veracious hunt and ensuing turmoil among the leaders of the civilized world. Who stole the ancient technology? How did it get out of the world’s most secure area? Where did it go? The clock is ticking for the CIA, Interpol, Western governments, and world leaders and theologians.The race is on to find the 30,000-year-old artifacts and codes before the Mayan cycle clicks over to December 21, 2012.